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Kaohsiung Science Park

3-2.What is the leasing charge for land and standard factories at Kaohsiung Science Park? Will it be adjusted in the future?
  • The park enterprises shall pay the land rent and share the construction cost of public facilities associated with the leased land. For land rent information, please go to STSP Website/ INVESTMENT/ Fees & Charge..
    According to relevant laws, land rent shall be adjusted from time to time in consideration of construction process of infrastructure, announced land value, national land rental rate approved by the Executive Yuan or other reasons. In principle, in coordination with announced land value, rental fees shall be adjusted every two years and next adjustment will be on January 1, 2024.”
  • To inquire about factory building rent related information, please go to STSP Website/ INVESTMENT/ Fees & Charge
    Rental fees of standard factory shall be reviewed according to “Calculation Principle of Unit Rental Price and Infrastructure Construction Fee” and at present, there have been no adjustment plans.
3-3.What is the building coverage ratio and floor area ratio for industrial land at Kaohsiung Science Park?
  • Floor area ratio: 240%.
  • Building Coverage ratio: 60% ; if a factory is located on Industrial Land No.23, 24, or 25, it shall comply with promises made for the environmental evaluation requirements of KSP. The total maximum construction area on the land (Industrial Land No.23+ Industrial Land No.24+ Industrial Land No.25) shall be no larger than 24.813 hectares.
3-4.What are the specifications for a standard factory?
3-5.Are there dormitories for Park employees at Kaohsiung Science Park?
There are 559 single-room dormitories and 60 family dormitories (including those for managers).For more information, , please visit The STSP website >Get to Know the Park >Park Life > About Park Dormitories..
3-6.How much time is required to travel between national and international travel facilities and Kaohsiung Science Park?
It is about a 20-minute drive to the THSR Tainan Station and a 30-minute drive to Kaohsiung International Airport and Kaohsiung Port.
3-7.Is the KMRT accessible to Kaohsiung Science Park?
The Kaohsiung Mass Rapid Transit Committee plans to extend the Red Line to the north and cross Kaohsiung Science Park along with Provincial Highway No. 1. There are two stations being planned (under environmental evaluation review) at Kaohsiung Science Park (KSP and Kao Yuan University Station) which is expected to begin its operation in 2027.

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