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FAQ - Southern Taiwan Science Park - Southern Taiwan Science Park


General questions

1-8.What is the fee for Park tenants after they locate to the STSP?
  • According to Article 11 of the “Act for Establishment and Administration of Science Parks” and Article 2 of the “Regulation for the Administration of Investment Plans inside a Science Park,” 3 ‰ of the approved capital (working capital of the subsidiary) must be paid as an investment deposit and the deposit will be returned without interest when the investment project is completed
  • In order to manage and protect the safety and environmental quality of the STSP and its nearby public facilities, the STSPB charges a management fee from Park enterprises, financial institutions, and other tenants. Park enterprises pay basic management fees according to the area of land or factory they lease; if a park enterprise leases both land and factory, it shall pay for the higher management fee. If any Park enterprise with a presence in the STSP that is approved by the STSPB and has completed the registration has 1.9/1000 of sales revenue exceeding the said basic rent, it shall pay 1.9/1000 of sales revenue as a management fee. Financial institutions shall pay 2/10,000 of their revenue as a management fee. Management fees are collected every two months; park enterprises shall declare to the STSPB automatically before the 20th of the first month and pay the fees at the designated banks.
  • The STSPB also charges Park enterprises a usage fee for drainage as well as waste treatment and cleaning fees.
  • If Park enterprises wish to employ professionals and technicians that are foreign nationals (those from China excluded), they should go to the Online Application for the Employment of Foreigners at the Workforce Development Agency, Ministry of Labor to apply for permits. A completed application form should be submitted for review with a post office wire transmission of NT$500 per case (Account name: Workforce Development Agency; BEVT and account number: 19058848).
  • Land: For land rent information, please go to STSP Website/ INVESTMENT/ Fees & Charge. When renting get started, tenants are required to provide joint guarantee in writing, joint guarantee policy issued by an insurance company, time deposit pledged at a financial institution or other method approved by Party A that can fulfill joint guarantee for debts.
  • F. Standard factory: To inquire about standard factory building rent please go to STSP Website/ INVESTMENT/ Fees & Charge. A leasing deposit equaling two- months of rent is required.
  • Dormitory: To inquire about dormitory rent please go to The STSP website /Application Service (E-operation)/Related Charges / Dormitory Rental Charges. A leasing deposit equaling two- months of rent is required.
1-9.What is the application procedure to build a plant at the he STSP?
  • Please refer to the relevant application procedures and forms by going to The STSP website/Construction Management Page/ Download.
  • Application procedure for construction management: The application should include pre-evaluation of land management, construction license or miscellaneous license, announcement of construction commencement, examination and inspection, and license use.
  • Please send or mail the relevant documents to the Service Counter of the STSPB. The person in charge of the application will manage the procedure evaluation and contact relevant Park enterprises.
1-10.What is the procedure to submit a water usage proposal?
1-11.What is the procedure to submit a power usage proposal?
  • When Park enterprises rent land for plant building, they need to submit a power usage proposal or plan to the Taiwan Power Company as well as provide three copies of the power usage proposal to the STSPB for review. When the plan is approved, a letter of approval will be granted. With that letter and relevant application documents, the applicant is able to apply for licenses for electrical technicians from the STSPB (standard factory buildings shall submit information of contracted quantity with the Taiwan Power Company for the reference of the STSPB and for later company registration).
  • Please note that the proposal sent to the STSPB is in a different format from that of the Taiwan Power Company; please go to the The STSP Website/Park Enterprise Services/Application Process and Forms/Construction Management/Power Usage Proposal/Download to obtain the STSPB proposal format.
1-12.What is the application procedure for the licensing of electrical technicians?
  • When the contracted electricity volume of the user is greater than 50 thousand watts, the licensing of electrical technicians is required.
  • Please fill and send the completed form to the STSPB for review. After it is approved, the STSPB will request that the applicant pay the relevant fees and pick up their licenses (NT$600 for a new license and NT$300 for a license revision).
  • Please download the guidelines for the application of licensing of electrical technicians here on the STSP Website/Park Enterprise Services/Application Process and Forms/Construction Management).
  • The application procedure for the licensing of electrical technicians should be completed before electricity services begin.
1-13.What is a standard factory building?
In order to serve the Park with low levels of investment capital and demand for less spacious plant buildings, the STSPB has built standard factories to lease to its tenants. To review a lease for a standard factory and facilities, please refer to the The STSP website: Application Service (E-operation)/Download and Description of Service Relevant Forms/Construction Management/Inquiry.
1-14.What is the application process for leasing land, standard factories, and dormitories?
1-15.Can I sublet a self-built factory building, standard factory and/or dormitory?
  • Self-built factory: According to Article 18 of the Land Leasing Agreement: If Party B (the Lessee) wishes to sublet, borrow or transfer to a third party, it must obtain the approval of Party A (the STSPB) in advance. The third party must also be a Park enterprise and a research institute. In accordance with the above subletting or transferring, the rent standard and the transferring price must also be approved by Party A. When transferring, Party A has the priority right to purchase the property under the same conditions in accordance with Article 104 of the Land Law.
  • Standard factory: Article 9 of the STSP standard factory Agreement stipulates that, “The contracted factory buildings leased by Party B shall only be used for the research, production, or operation purposes of Party B and Party B cannot sublet or borrow, either partially or all to a third party or allow others to use it in any other way. The use of factory buildings shall not violate governing rules and regulations. But if Party A gives written approval in advance, Party B is allowed to sublet partial contracted factory buildings to industries or institutes approved by Party A.”
  • Dormitory: According to Article 10 of the Dormitory Tenancy Agreement, “When leasing the premise, Party B shall only provide the premise for its employees (single units) and/ or spouses and families of employees (family units). They shall not be used for business operations. All or partial subletting, borrowing or transferring of the premise is not allowed and illegal use is strictly prohibited.”
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