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Tainan Science Park - Southern Taiwan Science Park - Southern Taiwan Science Park
Tainan Science Park

Tainan Science Park

In 1993, the Executive Yuan passed the “economic stimulation package” bill and proposed the “additional establishment of Southern Taiwan Science Park (STSP).” In May, 1995, the STSP’s preparation plan was ratified (Tainan Science Park’s site phase I). In September, 2001, the TSP Phase II Site was approved while in April 2020 the Phase III Site was designated.
Located at the border of Sinshi District, Shanghua District, and Anding District in Tainan, with an area of 1,043 hectares, the Phase I and II sites of TSP are home to industries such as optoelectronics, IC, precision machinery, biotechnology, and green energy. Among them, in 2017, TSMC (the global IC leader), built its foundries with 5-nanometer and 3-nanometer advanced manufacturing processes in TSP. Presence of TSMC attracts other global players to build the world’s largest IC industrial cluster. Furthermore, by linking up existing park enterprises in the green energy industry and neighborhood academic and research institutions and those in Shalun Smart Green Energy Science City, the “innovative industrial ecosystem of green energy technology” was formed. In the optoelectronics industry, integrated display clusters led by Innolux and HannStar were developed. At the same time, along with high demand for smart phones and notebook computers, the touch-panel industry has experienced rapid growth. Currently, with the presence of touch panel makers including HannsTouch and Innolux as well as the support of park enterprises for relevant components, materials, and equipment, Taiwan’s most important IFT-LCD is now in operation in STSP.
The Expansion of TSP Phase III is taking place at the southwestern designated site of Kansi Farm. This is an area with about 85 hectares designed to attract prospect park enterprises in the IC industry, smart machinery, precision health, and industrial innovation fields to strengthen the industrial cluster effect. The site is expected to provide the presence of park enterprises in July, 2023.
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