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Why STSP - Southern Taiwan Science Park - Southern Taiwan Science Park


A.Competitiveness of the Investment Environment
  • Five campuses in STSP (Tainan Campus, Kaohsiung Campus, Ciaotou Campus, Chiayi Campus and Pingtung Campus) are all bonded areas (exempt from import taxes, goods taxes, and business income taxes). Companies that invest in Ciaotou Campus can enjoy tax concessions related to "The New Town Development Act". R&D grants are also provided.
  • We from time to time organizes seminars and technology and talent meeting events to ensure a stable supply of manpower.
  • The STSP Bureau also jointly participates in international exhibitions with Park enterprises to expand markets.
  • We offer one-stop services.
  • The STSP’s supply of water and power is stable, and the traffic network is accessible.
  • The STSP is the best choice for investors in pursuit of green and sustainable concepts
B.Industrial Competitiveness
The STSP recruits major industries, including the IC, optoelectronics, precision machinery, telecommunications, computer peripherals, biotechnology, and so on. Among them, the optoelectronics industry, the IC industry, and the biotechnology industry have demonstrated remarkable achievements that help to form a comprehensive integrated high-tech industrial cluster.
As an IC foundry leader, TSMC has set up its five nanometer and three nanometer advanced manufacturing processes in the STSP, making the STSP the world’s largest scale of IC industrial cluster. For the optoelectronics industry, led by Innolux and HannStar, the core strength of panel displays is developed. Products include TV screens in various sizes, as well as niche applications for vehicles and the healthcare field that will be the main trend for the continuous development of the industry.
a.Strength of the IC industrial cluster
TSMC and UMC continuously expand their capacities at the STSP. TSMC invested its three nanometer and five nanometer advanced manufacturing processes at the STSP that attract relevant suppliers to invest in the Park, which makes the STSP’s IC industrial cluster more integrated. The industrial chain includes upstream material and component suppliers of CMP slurry, quartz tube, deposition materials, photoresists, etchants, developers, probe cards and polishing pads; middle stream manufacturers of silicon wafers and memory ; and downstream suppliers of package tests, product tests, and equipment.
b.Strength of the 5G industrial cluster
The 5G industrial cluster of Southern Taiwan Science Park has already assembled the important industrial chains for material and key components. Inside the Park there are outstanding tenant companies such as Win Semiconductors, Walshin Technology, Winstron Neweb, Garuda Technology, Advanced Wireless Semiconductor, Apogee Optocom, and Thinflex. In the future for 5G development, STSP aims to invite more companies in the software and information security industry. Through the interdisciplinary industrial development of software and hardware, it will keep on accelerating the innovation and transformation development of the Park.
c.Strength of the optoelectronic industry
The STSP has a comprehensive integrated TFT-LCD panel industrial cluster led by Innolux and HannStar. The integration consists of upstream key components (such as glass substrate, liquid crystal materials, color filters, brightness enhancement films and prism sheets, masks, backlight modules), equipment and downstream LCD panel makers. For horizontal support, equipment manufacturers from various countries are also present at the STSP, forming Taiwan’s most important TFT-LCD industrial cluster.
d.Strength of the precision health industrial cluster
Following the development direction of Taiwan Precision Health Strategic Industry, STSP combines the existing ICT capacity in the park and uses 5G and AIoT technology to promote the development of precision health industry. The STSP also provides assistance to the park manufacturers' needs at all stages from product R&D, manufacturing to launching, as well as provides regulatory consultation and certification counseling to accelerate product market entry. At the same time, STSP links up the capacities of industries, academies, and research institutions in Chiayi, Tainan, Kaohsiung, and Pingtung. With the layout of precision prevention, precision diagnosis, precision treatment, precision care and other trends, through multiple marketing channels to assist park enterprises expand domestic and foreign markets, to improve the turnover and export performance of biomedical products.
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