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FAQ - Southern Taiwan Science Park - Southern Taiwan Science Park


General questions

1-1.Where is the STSP located and how large is it?
The STSP consists of Tainan Science Park (TSP) and Kaohsiung Science Park (KSP). It occupies a total of 1,610 hectares. Tainan Science Park is located at the border of Xinshi, Shanhua, and Anding Districts in Tainan City and consists of 1,043 hectares, while Kaohsiung Science Park is located at the border of Luzhu, Gangshan, and Yongan Districts and spans over 567 hectares. Ciaotou Science Park and Tainan Science Park Phase III are now under development and planning. Ciaotou Science Park is located between Ciaotou District and Yanchao District and consists of 262 hectares while Tainan Science Park Phase III is located at Kanxi Farm on the southwestern side of Tainan Science Park and comprises 92 hectares.
1-2.What is the principle of investment introduction for the STSP?
The principles of investment introduction for the STSP are:
  • Products that are not currently manufactured or technologies that are superior to those already available in Taiwan.
  • R&D for key components (products) that are in urgent demand in Taiwan.
1-3.What is the application procedure for investing within the STSP?
Agent in charge: Investment Services Division of the STSPB
Required processing time: one month
1-4.What are the investment incentives at the STSP?
  • Tax incentives
    • Import tax, commodity tax, and sales tax exemption as well as lack of declaration requirement for tax exemption, guarantees, accounting, and payment of a money guarantee for machinery, equipment, raw materials, fuels, supplies or semi-finished goods, according to the required custom declaration procedures of related taxation laws that are imported and used for the tenant enterprise’s own manufacturing;
    • Zero sales tax for product or service export-oriented tenant enterprises as well as commodity tax exemption.
  • Protection of investor’s rights
    • The same incentives and rights protection are given to both foreign and domestic investors;
    • Foreign investors are able to retain 100% ownership of Park enterprises at the STSP or seek to partner with the ROC government and local enterprises;
    • Foreign and overseas Chinese investors are able to apply for the remittance of profits, capital gains and interest to other countries;
    • Enterprises that are more than 45% owned by foreigners or that have joint shares are guaranteed to be immune to eminent domain programs by the government for 20 years from their establishment;
    • Foreign investors are able to remit all investment capital with the approval of the STSPB;
    • Companies classified as being in the science industry are able to engage in manufacturing related import and export trading businesses with the approval of the STSPB.
    • Legal protection of intellectual property rights and right holders.
  • Incentive program for research and development
    • STSP Project for Emerging Technology Application
      • According to the Ministry of Science and Technology’s (MOST) “Guidelines Governing the Subsidies for the Project for Emerging Technology Application and Cooperation in Science Parks,” Park tenants that fulfill the objectives of cooperation between the industry, academic and research institutes, and other businesses are eligible to apply for relevant subsidies:
        • Cooperation with academic and research institutes: This applies to institutes that are subsidized according to MOST Research Projects by the Ministry of Science and Technology and participate in projects with Park tenants. Meanwhile, project leaders and joint project leaders shall also be qualified according to the Point 3 of the “Guidelines Governing MOST Subsidies for Research Projects:” leaders from the academic and research institutes shall at least participate in at least one of the MOST granted research projects.
        • Cooperation with other businesses: A business participating in the research project shall be a sole proprietorship, partnership, corporate limited, a company or a subsidiary of a foreign company registered in Taiwan according to relevant laws of the Republic of China (ROC) with a robust financial status.
      • Application requirement: Park enterprises that are established in accordance with Act 4 of the “Statute for the Establishment and Administration of a Science-based Industrial Park” as well as having sound financial and economic capabilities are qualified to apply for “science industry” investment subsidies.
      • Subsidies: Subsidies consist of both parts allocated to applicants (Park tenants) as well as cooperating units (academic and research institutes). They should not exceed the maximum amount of NT$10 million and 50% of the total R&D amount applied for. The remainder must be paid by the applicants through self-raised funds. The amount allocated to academic and research institutes shall not be less than 30% of the total subsidies while the amount allocated to other businesses shall not be less than 20% of the total subsidies.
      • Website:
    • Southern Taiwan Precision Health Industrial Cluster Promotional Projects
      • In compliance with “Points Governing Southern Taiwan Smart Biotechnology Industrial Cluster Promotion Projects Granted by the Southern Taiwan Science Park Bureau of Ministry of Science and Technology,” the following types of project applications are processed to grant subsidies:
        • Individual projects: Projects that aim to facilitate enterprises, hospital affiliated academic and research institutions or medical institutes that work together by integrating medical technologies and energy for research and development of key technologies of medical devices; through clinical uses or teacher trainings by physicians, products of the STSP will be enhanced and their reliability and utilization will be boosted.
        • Integrated projects: Projects that aim to engage enterprises to conduct research and development of innovative technologies of Biotechnology; the enterprises will take the lead and work with other enterprises or academic, research, or medical institutions to jointly apply for the grants so as to facilitate the use of the STSP products for clinical trials by various medical institutions.
        • Innovative projects: Projects that aim to facilitate innovation by introducing clinical demands to medical device design or technological innovation by enterprises or academic and medical institutes and encourage the development plan of innovative biomedical enterprises.
      • Qualification for application:
        • Enterprises: Sole proprietorship, joint venture, corporation limited established according to the Company Law or profit making organizations registered according to foreign laws and approved and accepted by the ROC government that operate in the territories of the ROC or medical device sellers defined in the Pharmaceutical Affairs Law, with a financial status of positive net value and with no rejected account records in the recent year.
        • Academic and research institutions:
          1. Public or private colleges and universities and public research institutions
          2. Research institutions belonging to judicial persons and charters should include the engagement in research development, academic research, academia-industry cooperation or exchanges and have no rejected account records in the recent year; or
        • Medical institutions: Hospitals or other medical institutions established according to the establishment standards for medical institutions that have no rejected account records in the last year.
      • Grant subsidy distribution:
        • The maximum grant of NT$10 million (including) for individual projects carried out by enterprises or hospital affiliated academic and research institutions and NT$5 million (including) for those carried out by medical institutions annually;
        • The maximum grant of NT$50 million for integrated projects led by park enterprises and NT$10 million led by medical institutions annually;
        • The maximum grant of NT$3 million for innovative projects annually.
        • The total grant for individual and integrated projects should not exceed 50% of the total project amount, and any insufficient amount should be raised by enterprises but this regulation does not apply to projects led by medical institutions and academic and research instates that apply for innovative projects.
        • Subsidies from each academic, research, or medical institution should not be lower than 10% of the total amount of the integrated projects.
        • If applicants of individual projects are academic and research institutes affiliated with teaching centers, the total amount of a grant shall not exceed 90% of the total amount of projects and any insufficient amount shall be raised by the academic and research institutes. Such teaching centers shall be limited to receive grants for no more than three years. For those with established self-operation approval, grants shall be provided according to practical requirements of the center.
  • Financing method
    When a domestic or international investor has demand for the capital, please contact “Taiwan Venture Capital Association” for assistance. With about 260 members, the Association regularly organizes conferences and seminars and liaises between its members and high-tech companies to facilitate investment flow.
    Address: Room C, 10F, #133, Section 4, Mingquan East Rd., Sunshan District, Taipei City
    Tel: 886-2-2545-0075 Fax: 886-2-2545-2752
1-5.What types of industries are being recruited at the STSP?
In order to facilitate the development of the STSP and integrate its regional resources and existing industrial development base, the STSPB plans to recruit enterprises from the following six industries: IC, computer and peripherals, telecommunications, optoelectronics, precision machinery, and biotechnology.
1-6.Which R&D institutes are near the STSP?
R&D institutes at the STSP include the Tainan Branch of the National Center for High-Performance Computing; the National Cheng Kung University R&D Center at the STSP; the Telecom Technology Center; the National Laboratory Animal Center at the National Applied Research Laboratories; the Metal Industries Research & Development Center at Kaohsiung Science Park; the Tainan Science Park SME Incubator at the Small and Medium Enterprise Administration of the Ministry of Economic Affairs; and finally the 3D Printing Medical Device Demonstration Field of the Industrial Technology Research Institute. Additionally, there is also the Industrial Technology Research Institute Southern Region Campus; Academia Sinica Biotechnology Experimental Center in Southern Taiwan; the Asian Vegetable Research and Development Center; the Livestock Research Institute; the Sugar Research Institute; the Fisheries Research Institute in Tainan; the Uni-President Group Central Research Institute; the Chi Mei Foundation Hospital and Medical Research Center; the Academia-Industry Consortium For Southern Taiwan Science Park; and the Electronics Testing Center, Taiwan.
1-7.How can I make an appointment to visit the STSP?
The STSP is a Science Park for everyone and the STSPB welcomes all visitors. The approximate visit time is about one hour. Due to the required preparation time, please write or fax us 10 days before the desired date of your visit by one of the contact methods listed below:
  • Directly log onto the The STSP website /Park Enterprise Services /Application Form for Visiting the Park; /li>
  • Write a letter and send us a fax to inform us of the basic information of the visitors, including: the number and name of the group, purpose of the visit, preferred language, transportation needs, mobile phone number of the group leader or contact person, and the preferred visit date and time (at 886-6-5051001 extn. 2133 for Ms. Kuo);
  • Call us (Ext.2123 for Ms. Chang);
  • Official letters are required for visitors from Mainland China. In order to avoid scheduling problems, it is recommended that groups should contact the Investment Promotion Section of the Investment Services Division. Our visiting hours are between 9:30-12:00 in the morning and 14:00-17:00 in the afternoon from Monday to Friday.
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