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Ground-Breaking Ceremony of Marketech’s Benchmark Smart Green Buildings at Phase III Site of STSP

Marketech International Corporation, an important equipment supplier for IC and panel industries in the STSP, plays a pivotal role in semiconductor and display industrial chains of process equipment, key parts and automation control. In response to future business growth, Marketech plans to build the sixth factory of 3.3 hectares at the Tainan Science Park Phase III site, becoming the first enterprise to build a factory at the Tainan Science Park Phase III site. The construction of the factory will be synchronised with the public construction in the future. The plant will be invested in manufacturing, research and development of equipment for important international clients. It is expected to become the first smart green building benchmark in the Tainan Science Park Phase III site, promoting the vision of sustainability and energy conservation with the Science Park.

2023-12-27 Detail

Ground-breaking Ceremony of Digital Innovation Complex Buildings in Ciaotou Science Park

The development of Ciaotou Science Park has been carried out gradually. To provide future administrative and business services for park enterprises, the digital innovation complex building is planned to be constructed and the Groundbreaking Ceremony was held in November 2023. The digital innovation complex building comprises business and digital innovation space, offices for standard factories and innovation incubators, a bank, and the infant care center. On top of that, the complex building aims to acquire dual Gold Label of Green Building and Intelligent Building and meet the needs of enterprises and people living in the Science Park.

2023-12-27 Detail

Presence of New Park Enterprise, Blade Hydrogen Green Technology, a Solution Provider of Green Electricity for Zero Emissions

By October 2023, 17 enterprises have been introduced to the STSP with a total investment amount of 25.6 billion NTD. The operation team of "Hydrogen Green Energy" is Taiwan's only start-up company of hydrogen energy that transfers metal plate stacks and hybrid hydrogen power generation technologies. It has over 15 years of technological experience in recycling waste hydrogen from manufacturing processes into energy. After coming into the STSP, "Hydrogen Green Energy" can provide services of green energy to park enterprises and dedicate itself to the realization of net-zero transmission.

2023-11-29 Detail

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