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Presence of New Park Enterprise, Blade Hydrogen Green Technology, a Solution Provider of Green Electricity for Zero Emissions

By October 2023, 17 enterprises have been introduced to the STSP with a total investment amount of 25.6 billion NTD. The operation team of "Hydrogen Green Energy" is Taiwan's only start-up company of hydrogen energy that transfers metal plate stacks and hybrid hydrogen power generation technologies. It has over 15 years of technological experience in recycling waste hydrogen from manufacturing processes into energy. After coming into the STSP, "Hydrogen Green Energy" can provide services of green energy to park enterprises and dedicate itself to the realization of net-zero transmission.

2023-11-29 Detail

Second Anniversary Completion Ceremony of VALQUA STSP, a Leader in Super Clean Containers Indispensable for the Semiconductor Industry

TAIWAN VALQUA ENGINEERING INTERNATIONAL, LTD. recently held a ceremony at the Grand Hi-Lai Hotel, Kaohsiung to commemorate the completion of the STSP Branch construction. There were representatives from VALQUA and other companies, and distinguished guests from the Kaohsiung City Government participating in the event prayed for good luck and sent their blessings. The chemical storage tank produced by VALQUA is required for the advanced semiconductor manufacturing process. In response to the expansion of business scale at home and abroad, the company invested in the construction of the STSP Branch factory in the Kaohsiung Science Park in 2020, and the new factory was completed in October 2021. Due the pandemic in the last two years, the second-anniversary ceremony of the STSP Branch had not been held until 2023.

2023-11-29 Detail

STSP Delegation’s Participation in the 2023 IASP World Conference on STPs &AOIs at Luxembourg

The delegation of the Southern Taiwan Science Park Bureau attended IASP World Conference in Luxembourg from September 9 to 17. This year (2023), in addition to the participation of the STSPB, the delegation of Hsinchu Science Park and Central Taiwan Science Park jointly joined this event, showing Taiwan’s emphasis on this event. The organizer arranged technology visits to the Tech Lane Ghent Science Park in Belgium, IDELUX in Luxembourg, and automated valet parking at Stuttgart Airport in Germany. During the visits, the delegation had the opportunity to learn about how to foster startup companies and how to construct technological facilities as references for the operation planning of science parks. STSPB also introduced the current industrial development of STSP to the visiting units, based on the semiconductor industry, towards the new generation of communication technology Beyond 5G, low-orbit satellites and other fields. The delegation also visited startup fields and facilities in Belgium and Germany, looking forward to promoting international exchanges and cooperation.

2023-10-30 Detail

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