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Places to Go in the STSP

Are you new to the Tainan Science Park? Don’t miss this information—places to go for shopping, dining, and exercise in the Tainan Science Park. There is the Life Hub at the dormitory region for employees of STSP to meet up, shop, and dine. Infant care service is also provided. Also, PARK17 public food court offers multiple choices of convenience store, hot pots, lunch, and fast food. Then, to burn some calories, there is the Wellness Center for ball games, swimming, and fitness. Grab your chance to enjoy the Mother’s Day Special until May 31. And finally, the Premier Restaurant at STSP Commercial Center is a banquet style restaurant with authentic Hunan & Cantonese cuisines suitable for wedding, conference and gathering. Customized meals, boxed lunch and snacks are available. Hope you all enjoy the life with these facilities and services in the STSP.

2023-04-28 Detail

Late Spring Festival Events in the Tainan Science Park and Kaohsiung Science Park

2023 STSP Late Spring Art Festival is coming soon! In addition to music events in the afternoon as of previous years, new activities are available. There will be music performances by singers and tenant companies’ bands, as well as bazaars, lectures, interactive street art with buskers, DIYs, and other activities. Also, the Festival will also be held in the Kaohsiung Science Park for the first time. We welcome your participation! Tainan Science Park Location: Yingxi Lake on Nanke S. Rd (under the Yellow Ribbon) Time and Date: 15:00-18:00, April 15 Kaohsiung Science Park Location: Lawn on the east side of standard factories Time and Date: 15:00-18:00, April 22 For more information, please check out the FB fan page

2023-04-12 Detail

Being Visionary, Net-zero, and Sustainable- STSP’s Stable Upward Growth in 2022

On March 13, 2023, the National Science and Technology Council held the press conference on the operation of the science parks in 2022. HSP, CTSP, and STSP had robust performance on the clustering effect of IC industry in 2022, bringing the annual turnover to break through 4.26 trillion NTD with a growth rate of 14.75%. As for the STSP, the annual turnover increased by 35% to 1.48 trillion NTD in 2022. The number of people working in the science park increased by 8,551 to 92,601. In addition, 30 new manufacturers were introduced in 2022, making the number of effectively approved manufacturers 272. The STSP will continue to uphold the values of energy-efficiency, sustainability and sophistication, and play the pivotal role of digital transformation and innovation of industries by strengthening R&D capacity. Also, the science park will enlarge the industry clustering effect and complete the expansion plans as scheduled to propel regional development and step towards net zero sustainability.

2023-04-12 Detail

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