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FAQ - Southern Taiwan Science Park - Southern Taiwan Science Park


Tainan Science Park

2-3.When is the leasing charge for land, standard factory, and dormitories at Tainan Science Park due?
The Land Development Division of the STSPB, in principle, collects leasing payment for land, standard factories, and dormitories monthly. The responsible section will post the amount for the previous month on The STSPB website: Application/Park Enterprise Services/Service Network of Park Enterprises in Science Parks on the 15th of each month. Park enterprises should download their payment sheets and pay the fees through their banks.
2-4.What sport facilities are there at Tainan Science Park?
  • Tainan Science Park now has detention ponds, parks, and squares. It also has a softball field near the dormitories as well as tennis courts, basketball courts, Sports Park, and other outdoor facilities for the use of staff, staff families, and local residents.
  • The STSP Wellness Center STSP features a stadium, swimming pools, and wellness facilities and the Center is now operated by Win 1 Sports Co., Ltd. Please seethe STSP website/Get to Know the Park/Life at Park/ Wellness Center STSP..
    • Stadium: A multi-purpose stadium (for basketball, badminton, volleyball, and table tennis) as well as a rock climbing area. Drinks and light meals are offered at the lobby restaurant
    • Swimming pools: A SPA pool, a children’s pool, and a “pool for swimming lessons” in winter with warm water are available.
    • Wellness Center STSP: A gym, an aerobics classroom, and a flywheel training room are offered.
  • Life Hub: It is located on the east side of the Park adjacent to Huayuan (single dormitories) and Xinyuan (family dormitories). At 5,542 square meters, it features three floors above ground and two basement floors and an outdoor space. Activities and courses are provided for community residents from time to time. Currently, services include a dental clinic, a children’s day care center, a convenience store, restaurants and tea and coffee shops, a music and art education center, and an English learning school for children. Facility rental for one club classroom is available. Please see the STSP website/Get to Know the Park/Park Life/Life Service/Life Hub..
2-5.What is the parking situation at Tainan Science Park’s Park 17 Life Style Center?
Shoppers at Park 17 Life Style Center can use the following parking spaces:
  • There are 98 free parking spaces on road sides surrounding Park 17 Life Style Center (62 limited hour parking spaces and 36 unlimited ones).
  • There are 95 underground public parking spaces at the Phase II Factory of Park 17 Life Style Center that drivers must pay for, as well as 361 free and 406 paid respectively at the parking tower on Nanke 2nd Rd. and the underground parking of the administrative service zone on Nanke 3rd.
  • Affiliated underground parking lot of the Phase II Standard Factory at TSP
    • Business hours: Drivers must pay for parking 24 hours around the clock including holidays.
    • Standard fees:
      • Cars:
        • Hourly parking: In general, an hourly parking fee of N$20 is charged and free parking is offered for those who park less than 30 minutes. For cars parking longer than 30 minutes and less than 1 hour, NT$20 is charged. For parking longer than 1 hour, and an excessive length of time is less than 30 minutes, NT$10 is charged for every half hour; if the excessive length of time is longer than 30 minutes, an hourly parking fee of NT$20 will be charged. After making the payment for parking, a driver shall leave the parking lot within 15 minutes. If a driver fails to leave the parking lot within 15 minutes, additional fees will be charged before leaving the parking lot.
        • Monthly parking: Staff of park enterprises at the standard factory shall use their designated parking spaces because parking fees are included in the monthly rental of the standard factory and no additional parking fees will be charged. If anyone does not park in the designated area, parking will be charged hourly.
      • Motorcycles: free parking.
      • STSPB vehicles and designated parking spaces for the disabled shall be used according to identification cards (they must be within the effective time and match with the license plate numbers) and free of charge for parking.
2-6.What type of public transportation is available at Tainan Science Park?
  • At present Tainan City Bus provides four routes of bus services: Tainan City Bus Green 1 (eight round trip tours per day), Tainan City Bus Green 2 (five round trip tours per day), Tainan City Bus Green 3 (three round trip tours perday), Tainan City Bus Orange 12 (nine round trip tours per day), and Tainan City Bus Orange 14 (4 round trip tours per day). There are 13 bus stops at Tainan Science Park including “NNKIEH,” “Nanke Dormitories,” “Siraya Park,” “Park 17 Life Style Center,” “Incubation Center,” “TSMC,” “Delta,” “TSMC Fab 14,” “INNOLUX Fab 2 &3” INNOLUX Fab 5,” “Yingxi Lake,” “Lakeshore House,” and “ChipMos” for commuters, students, and the general public from Tainan City, Yongkang, Sinshih, Anding, Shanhua, and Madou.
  • The free STSP shuttle bus services are mainly offered for transit on three routes between (1) Nanke Train Station of Taiwan Railways and STSP; (2) Shanghua Station of Taiwan Railways and STSP; and (3) THSR Tainan Station and STSP.
  • THSR riders can take the Shalun Branch Line from Nanke Train Station to THSR Tainan Station or embark buses at the following stops: “Park 17 Life Style Center,” “Incubation Center.” The DRTS services are also available for return journeys to the “Park 17 Life Style Center” Stop, after which you need to head for Tainan THSR Station.
  • For more information, please go to the The STSP website: TRANSPORTATION >Traffic Information.
2-7.What convenient business services and amenities are located at Tainan Science Park?
  • Business services:
    • standard factory area:
      • Phase I standard factory area: Nikon Precision Taiwan, Ltd., Brooks Automation, and Taiwan Province Industrial & Mine Safety & Health Engineers Association.
      • Phase II standard factory area (including the second floor of Park 17 Life Style Center): PricewaterhouseCoopers Taiwan, SinoPac Securities Co, Ltd., Huan An Technical Consultant Company Limited, and Tainan Regional Office of China Productivity Center.
      • Phase III standard factory area: Hitachi High-Technologies Corporation, Dainippon Screen Electronics, Taiwan, and Cannon Semiconductor Equipment, Taiwan Inc..
      • Phase IV standard factory area: KOKUSAI ELECTRIC ASIA PACIFIC CO.,LTD.
      • Phase V standard factory area: KLA-Tencor, LASERTEC CORPORATION, and Edwards Technologies Limited.
    • STSP Commercial Center in the administrative service zone: Mercuries Life Insurance, Lee and Li Attorneys-at-Law, Lion Travel Service Co., Ltd., Kingtachi Co. Ltd, LG Chem, Taiwan, Ltd., HSU CHANG YUAN Environmental Technician Office, Dou Yee Enterprise, and Universal Photonics., Inc Taiwan Branch, and SanChuen Technology Co., Ltd.
    • The SME Incubator at Tainan Science Park, Small and Medium Enterprise Administration (MOEA): To maintain service integrity of “post-incubation”, “Designated Presence Area for Service Units” was established after the official operation of Incubation Center in 2003 to invite professional consulting companies in different sectors based on annual review result. For the list of service providers, please browse the website.
    • Others: Special Police Corps, the STSP Fire Brigade, Customs, post office, ChungHwa Telecom, three banks (Bank of Taiwan, First Bank and Mega International Financial Bank), storage, transportation, custom declaration agents, Chi Mei Foundation Hospital STSP Clinic. Please see the STSP website:Life at Park/ STSP Life.
  • Amenities:
    • Standard factory: Park 17 Life Style Center is a shopping mall operated by the President Chain Store Corporation and services include 7-11 Convenience Stores, Starbucks Coffee, Hanlin Tea House, Mos Burger, Four Seasons Restaurant, and various kiosks. Park 17 Life Style Center provides comprehensive services for dining, recreation, and entertainment. Additionally, the STSP Aesthetics Dental Clinic offers convenient services to STSP employees.
    • The STSP Commercial Center in the administration area: the Premier Restaurant provides Chinese, Japanese and Western style gourmet and set meals, cocktails, buffets, and customized meal boxes to meet the demands for elegant banquet meals.
    • Outdoor courts and skating rink (for General Use) at Sports Park:
      • Four (4) tennis court at Park Land No.12.
      • Two (2) basketball court at Parking Space Land No.5.
      • One (1) softball court, one (1) basketball court, and two (2) tennis court at Park Land No.14.
      • Two (2) basketball court at Park Land No.4.
      • One (1) skating rink in dormitory area.
    • Wellness Center: Features a swimming pool, SPA, water slides, and children’s swimming pool and multi-purpose ball courts. A gym, a flywheel training room, and an aerobics classroom are also provided. . In the lobby, drinks including juice and snack foods are provided.
    • Life Hub: Diversified services including dental care, child caring, convenience store, dining, music education, children English learning, and two non-profit childcare center for STSP workers are offered to meet needs of STSP employees. For more life //information, please logonto the STSP website/Get to Know the Park/Life at Park/ STSP Life/Life Hub.
2-8.What are the wastewater treatment procedures at Tainan Science Park?
The Wastewater Treatment Plant at Tainan Science Park handles wastewater treatment by following the procedure as shown in thePDF.
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