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Annual Report - Southern Taiwan Science Park
2009 Annual Report

2009 Annual Report

Foreword by the Director-general PDF
Introduction PDF
Industrial Builder and the Giant Wheel, the STSP
TIndustrial Trend PDF
Innovative Research and Development PDF
Talent Cultivation PDF
Fusion of Human Culture and Localization
Culture and Art PDF
Life Amenities PDF
Industrial and Commercial Services PDF
New Hope of Education PDF
The Beauty of Architecture, Shaping the STSP
A Green Science Park PDF
Public Art PDF
Major Construction Efforts PDF
Convenient Traffic PDF
Environmental Protection and Occupational Safety PDF
The World’s Focus on the STSP, International Linkage
International Exchanges PDF
Enterprise Recruitment and Growth PDF
Cross-Straits Exchanges PDF
Advance the Future, Chronicle Reviews
Prospects for 2010 PDF
2009 Chronicles PDF
Future Prospects PDF
2008 Chronicles PDF
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