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Annual Report - Southern Taiwan Science Park
2006 Annual Report

2006 Annual Report

Foreword by the Director-general PDF
Best News of the Year
Establishment of the National Nanke International Experimental High School PDF
Annual Special Report/Safe Operation‧Frequent Award Winner
Awarded for the Expert Supporting System of Emergency Response Decision-making PDF
Award for Disease Control Achievement Granted by Department of Health PDF
Resource Recycling Center in the TSP Awarded with the 2006 Outstanding Environmental PDF
Protection Engineering Achiever PDF
Completion of the High Speed Rail Ground Vibration Mitigation Project on Schedule PDF
Non-stop Prevention from Flood Risk, the Flood Free TSP PDF
Six well-planned and Built Detention Ponds PDF
Month of Promoting Occupational Safety and Environmental Protection, Precautions against All Hazards PDF
Industry Clusters‧ International Cooperation
Sustained growth of approved tenant enterprises PDF
Adding the Turnover of US$ 3 billion PDF
Simultaneous Increase of Import/Export Amount PDF
Nearly 50,000 Employees Recruited PDF
Stable Progress of Land Leasing PDF
Developing industry clusters and strengthening the potential of the STSP PDF
Rapid growth in KSP PDF
Innovative Research/Development with Soft/Hard Equipment PDF
Booming Biotechnology Moving towards Worldwide Distribution PDF
Implementing Localization of Tech Industries PDF
Employee Cultivation and Holistic Thinking PDF
Global Vision ‧ Attracting Investors from All over the World
Successful International Enterprises and Overseas Talents Recruitment Activities PDF
Visit by Presidents PDF
Booming Business Attracting International Trade Missions PDF
LOHAS in STSP‧A Comfortable Community
Complete Infrastructure PDF
Multiple Industrial and Business Services PDF
Remarkable Progress in Achieving a Convenient Life PDF
Friendly Neighborhood PDF
Future Prospects PDF
FNew Tenant Enterprises in 2006 PDF
Chronicle of 2006 PDF
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