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Milestone - Southern Taiwan Science Park
2003- Administation to present (After 2003/01) -Milestone


Administation to present (After 2003/01)

The preparation plan of Kaohsiung Biotechnology Park was approved by Council for Economic Planning and Development.
Minister of Examination Yuan, Chia-wen Yao, led a delegation to inspect personnel management at the STSP Administration in 2004.
Director-general Tai and Tainan City Governor Su visited the U.S. and Canada for enterprises recruitment.
President Chen attended Allied Material Technology Corp.’s factory establishment ceremony in KSP.
Director-general Tai and Kaohsiung City Governor Chiu-hsing Yang visited Russia, Sweden and Finland for technology transfer and enterprises recruitment.
Renaming and Inauguration ceremony of KSP.
Dr. Maw-kuen Wu, the Minister of National Science Council, Executive Yuan visited STSP.
The Executive Yuan approved the rectification of “Luzhu Science Park(LSP)” to “Kaohsiung Science Park (KSP).”
Promoted “STSP Procurement Committee” with the Allied Association for Science Park Industries.
Written notification from Executive Yuan of the selected area for Kaohsiung Biotechnology Park.
Completion of cGMP-approved standard factory in TSP for biotechnology.
Groundbreaking Ceremony for Sunnytec Electronics Co., Ltd. in LSP.
The “Specialized Team for Foreign Enterprises” was established.
Naming and Inauguration Ceremony of Southern Access Road and Opening Ceremony of the SME Incubator at TSP were held.
The Emergency Response Team of STSP was formed.
Premier Yu inspected LSP and announced the establishment of Telecom Technology Center at LSP.
Director-general Tai, in conjunction with National Cheng Kung University’s R&D Center, traveled to San. Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago and Houston for the purpose of holding enterprises recruitment meetings and visiting enterprises.(till October 16)
Establishment of and student recruitment for bilingual classes of Nanke Junior High School and Nanke Elementary School.
Premier Yu inspected the development and operation of the STSP.
Director-general Tai and Deputy Director-general Wu visited Europe (France, Holland and Greece) and Israel with the Ministry of Economic Affairs to attract investors.(till July 12)
A new managerial team for the STSP Administration was officially appointed. The STSP Administration’s Luzhu Development Office was officially established at LSP.
The STSP Administration received a performance award for sound security and safety.
Waste Treatment Center at TSP began operation. The Science Park Logistics Co., Ltd given approval to establish a Logistics Center at TSP.
National Cheng Kung University’s R&D Center approved. National Chung Cheng University’s Innovation and R&D Center approved.
The Southern Taiwan Science Park Administration (STSP Administration) was officially formed.
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