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Milestone - Southern Taiwan Science Park
1999-Preparatory Office (from 1997/07 to 2002/12)-Milestone


Preparatory Office (from 1997/07 to 2002/12)

Ministry of the Interior approved the “Plan of the TSP Special Zone” with 8,152 acres.
Acummulated 9 banks, the customs office, and the post office set up a branch in the science park.
Director Wen-hsiung Huang of the TSP Development Office was promoted to the Director-general of the HSP Administration. Nanke Clinic of the Chi Mei Hospital opened.
UMC declared to restart the investment in TSP.
Prepartory Office of STSP Station of Kaohsiung Customs Bureau opened.
CMO’s factory which produced color filter for TFT-LCD opened.
Elevated water tank for industry in TSP started using. Naming the roads in TSP was completed. Tainan Office of the Allied Association for Science Park Industries was established.
Unveil Ceremony for the logo of the TSP opened.
Construction of the SME Incubator at Tainan Science Park, MOEA, commenced.
President Teng-hui Lee visited TSP.
Regional Planning Committee of the Ministry of the Interior agreed Tainan City Government’s application for the “Plan of the TSP Special Zone” with condition. The future development area was increased 4,764 acres to 8,152 acres and will be developed with Tainan City Government's own Finance.
Expropriation of private land in TSP was completed.
Approval of Tai Yen’s Organic Photo Conductor drums investment made it the fist State-owned Enterprise to operate in TSP.
Took over the work of the investment review of high-tech companies applying to invest in TSP from HSP Administration.
Temporary Organization Procedures for the TSP Development Office was evaluated and corrected by the Executive Yuan that the amount of staff was added to 62 people.
Premier Shiao instructed to expand the TSP Special Zone from the current 4,764 acres to 8,152 acres. The land included in the expansion plan was also limited to farmhouse.
Construction Commencement Ceremony of the Applied Materials Co., LTD., the first foreign company to set up business in TSP.
Regional Planning Committee of the Ministry of the Interior agreed to add another 988 acres for the Phase II Site of TSP.
Association of Occupational Safety and Hygiene at Tainan Science Park was formed.
Post office set up a branch in TSP.
Accumulated 33 high-tech companies finished land lease briefing. 23 companies held the land, 15 companies started to lease, 4 companies cancelled the lease and 7 companies defered. 173 acres of the land in TSP were remained.
Dazhou drainage remediation engineering in TSP was completed.
Excavation of Daoye and Wujiancuo Archaeological Sites in TSP were completed.
Construction of the north part of the south-north route in TSP was completed.
Construction of the eastern connecting road in TSP was completed.
Prepartory Office of STSP Station of Kaohsiung Customs Bureau moved into the standard factory of TSP.
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