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Milestone - Southern Taiwan Science Park
Preparatory Office (from 1997/07 to 2002/12)-Milestone


Preparatory Office (from 1997/07 to 2002/12)

Four banks set up business and started to operate in TSP and another five unmanned banks entered by the end of the month.
Premier Shiao hosted the official opening ceremony for the east part of the east-west route and the dormitory.
Construction of the south part of the south-north route in TSP was completed.
TSP was awarded the top performer by the Executive Yuan.
ChipMOS Technologies (Bermuda) LTD., the IC company to complete construction in TSP, went into operation.
Water pipes in north side of TSP were completed and began to supply water.
Ministry of the Interior agreed to the New Version of the TSP Special Zone Plan of the Tainan City Government which has a total of 5,189 acres.
UMC declared to defer their investment of NT$500 billion in TSP.
Fully opened to apply for the contracted customs-clearance agency and 40 companies applied.
Science Park Logistics Co., LTD. officially registered for entering the store and transportation market in TSP.
To protect the “Glareola Maldivarum”, 74 acres of Ecological Protection Area was established.
Six emergency systems of drainage and flood preventions were completed including the Dazhou drainage passage, detention pond D, temporary drainage network, increasing the height of ChiMei waterproof dyke,completion of drainage and flood control measures before the beginning of construction,and establishment of the united typhoon defense organization in the park.
Accumulated 24 high-tech companies were approved to set up business with the total investment of more than NT$144 billion.
NSC and the Ministry of Economic Affairs jointly promote the Small and Medium Enterprise Incubator at TSP; the software was supported by National Cheng Kung University and the TSP Development Office was in charge of attracting business.
All personnel of TSP Development Office moved into the standard factory in the Science Park.
Taiwan Sugar Corporation’s 1,488 acres of land levy was completed.
Girder Placing Ceremony of TSMC’s sixth foundries factory was hosted.
Mr. Wen-hsiung Huang took up the post as the third director of the TSP DevelopmentOffice.
Premier Hsiao visited the flooded area of the TSP and instructed NSC to coordinate CMO to move to another location so the flooded area can be used to build the detention pond.
Cataracts of rain flooded the factory area of CMO and the south district of TSP.
ScinoPharm Taiwan opened construction.
Water Resource Agency and NSC decided to invest NT$1.8 billion to improve drainage construction.
CMO’s factory started construction which produced color filter for TFT-LCD.
Second Company of Fourth Corps of Special Police Second Headquarters, National Police Agency entered the park.
44 high-tech companies applied to set up business in park.
Council for Economic Planning and Development agreed to finance NT$21.7 billion to the Operation Fund of Science Park Administration for the expansion of HSP and the development of TSP.
Executive Yuan decided to levy Taiwan Sugar Corporation’s 1,488 acres of land inside TSP, instead of leasing . UMC’s factory started construction which was the largest investment in TSP.
Rf-link Systems Inc., the company of telecommunications industry to set up business in TSP, started construction.
ScinoPharm Taiwan got approval to set up business in TSP.
Mr. Kung Wang took up the post as the second director of the TSP DevelopmentOffice.
ChipMOS Technologies (Bermuda) LTD. started construction.
Chao-shiuan Liu, Minister of NSC stated that Luzhu, Kaohsiung City, was the priority for the second base after TSP reached its capacity.
Ministry of the Interior approved TSP as a bonded area, which made it more convenient on bond.
Ministry of the Interior instructed HSP Administration to manage the related duty about construction management at TSP. Signed the lease contract of the second 300 acres of land with Taiwan Sugar Corporation.
Vice President Lien hosted opening ceremony of TSP Development Office. TSMC commenced construction.
Mr. Chao-chin Tung took up the post as the director of the TSP Development Office.
Executive Yuan checked and ratified the Temporary Organization Procedures for TSP Development Office of 32 people.
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