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Milestone - Southern Taiwan Science Park
Beginning of the construction (from 1996/01 to 1997/06)-Milestone


Beginning of the construction (from 1996/01 to 1997/06)

Established and applied the Regulations for Recruitment and Management of Service Industry for TSP.
Detail Plan of TSP approved by the Ministry of the Interior.
Found the Daoye archaeological site.
TSP’s water supply approved to have priority and met the daily water demand.
Joint construction commencement ceremony for standard factory and staff dormitory was hosted.
HSP Administration hosted the TSP Development Plan task meeting. HSP Administration jointly hosted the task meeting of TSP Construction Plan with Tainan City Government, and decided to host regualr monthly meeting.
HSP Administration started on evaluating the investment and factory establishment plan of the companies. The one was TSMC’s plan on setting up its factory on a 74 acres land.
82 companies of service industry including Taiwan Sugar Corporation, Famous Express Company, Chang Hwa Bank, UIGC, San Fu Chemical, and etc applied to set up business.
39 high-tech companies applied to invest and set up factories.
Discussed the separation of construction management work with Tainan City Government and decided that Taiwan City Government was in charge of the related construction business before the instruction of the Ministry of the Interior. Discussed the matters of establishment of the school and the fund compiling with the staff of the Education Bureau and Magistrate Mark Chen in Tainan City Government.
Chao-shiuan Liu, Minister of NSC presented “Development of Tainan Science Park — the Continuous Development of Southern Taiwan’s Technology Competitiveness”at Education and Culture Committee of the Legislative Yuan.
33 high-tech companies applied to invest and set up factories.
Acer semiconductor, TSMC, and Accton got approval to become the companies to station in TSP.
Association of Industries in Science Park officially established the TSP committee, participated by 15 large scope companies.
14 categories of service industry and 60 companies officially applied to station in TSP.
HSP Administration hosted the planning meeting for the Temporary Organization Procedures for Tainan Science Park Development Office of HSP Administration.
Handed over the 558 acres of land from Taiwan Sugar Corporation. Construction commencement ceremony of TSP was hosted jointly by HSP Administration and Tainan City Government.
Construction Plan of TSP was agreed by the Regional Planning Committee, Construction and Planning Agency, Ministry of the Interior.
Signed the lease contract of the 558 acres of land with Taiwan Sugar Corporation.
The 593 acres of land open for enterprises recruitment was almost booked by companies.
Started to accept the applications of service-related companies.
STSP followed the HSP’s example and planed to set up its Administration to replace the original idea of setting up a branch of HSP Administration. Regulations for Establishment and Administration of Science Parks was also revised and proposed to NSC then transferred to the Legislative Yuan for discussion.
Started to Accept the applications of high-tech companies.
Environmental Protection Administration agreed the environmental impact evaluation of TSP in principle.
President Lee, Premier Lien, and Provincial Governor Sung, visited the groundbreaking ceremony of TSP and hosted the investment recruitment seminar. Eight companies, including TSMC, signed their letters of intention to invest.
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